Manuscript Editing

I can help to make sure your manuscript is easily read, is in correctly written British or American English, and flows logically.


There are often tight deadlines involved in getting a paper/thesis to the journal or printer.

I will get your paper back to you promptly, often within a day for shorter texts.

Because I live in New Zealand, you may also be able to take advantage of the time difference, gaining up to 12 hours.

The language grooming process

☆ Easy to read, professional, correct English

I will rearrange the words as required, or choose more appropriate wording when necessary, to make clear, concise, easily read, technically sound text, without changing the intended meaning.

I will clearly mark the document with my suggested changes, and add comments as appropriate.

☆ Technical editing

Because of my extensive experience in medical writing, I am also able to offer technical editing suggestions as appropriate, and I keep an eye out for inadvertent mistakes in the technical content of the manuscripts. Suggestions relating to manuscript layout/presentation are also offered as appropriate.

☆ Returning the document

I will email the document back to you as an attachment, and send an invoice by separate email.

☆ Open to discussion

I encourage discussion of any issues before, during and after the editing process. I welcome queries arising from any of my suggestions for change, on any problems pertinent to the manuscript or on the English language in general.